This is where it all happens!  One (1) Billion years ago, yes that is 1,000 million years – this was a happening place!

It still is, just without the steam, smoke and fire.  The mine (quarry) continues to be actively mined on a seasonal basis.  We use water during the mining process, so once water starts to freeze that tells us it is time to stop mining for the season.  This usually happens in late October and spring comes to our area by early May.

Amethyst Miner tray crystals

Tray full of Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst Miners working

Miners working

Amethyst cluster Panorama Mine

Large Amethyst Cluster

Digging area – Rock Hound’s Dream

Amethyst Mine Panorama offers visitors the adventure of hunting for real amethysts. You’ll search a 5 acre area that is loaded with amethyst!   What you find is yours to keep for just $5.00 per pound (plus tax). Amethyst has been deposited in this area for many years and we add new material to it on a regular basis. 

Begin your visit at the Welcome Center. Here you will be able to view amethyst in the rough, read our interpretative panels that explain why amethyst occurs at the mine and shop for handcrafted amethyst jewellery and souvenirs. Pass through the Welcome Centre on your way to prospect for amethyst in the digging area.

Amethysts come in four (4) colours at the mine – purple, lavender, red and black. We have named them Thunder Bay Lavender, Precious Purple, Phantom Rove (red) and Black Gem (black).

Amethyst fee dig Water tower

Rock Hound’s Dream and Water tower!


Amethyst Mine Panorama

Located 60km East of Thunder Bay

500 Bass Lake Road

Phone: 807.622.6908



Hours of Operation

10:00am until 5:00pm