Self-Guided & Guided Tours

The mine is an above ground experience!  There is no need to travel underground to learn about amethyst and view the amethyst mine and amethyst specimens.

Self-guided Tours

Amethyst Mine Panorama commissioned a series of interpretative panels that highlight the history, geology and mineralogy of Amethyst Mine Panorama.  A series of  interpretative panels are located within the Welcome Centre.  Amethyst exhibit stones, with accompanying signs / descriptions are located outside of the Welcome Centre.  Visitors are encouraged to read the interpretative panels and signs and view the amethyst stones at their leisure.

Guided walking tours take place on an as-needed basis.  The guided tour time and length varies depending on the interest of the visitors.  If you want to learn more about amethyst please ask one of our tour guides or sales people.

As part of your admission, Outside the Welcome Centre a path leads toward the quarry overlook and the Million Dollar Truck.


Amethyst Miner Tour Tourists Panorama

Amethyst Miner on Tour

Amethyst Mine Tour Thunder Bay

Family learning about amethyst.


Amethyst Mine Panorama

Located 60km East of Thunder Bay

500 Bass Lake Road

Phone: 807.622.6908

Hours of Operation

10:00am until 5:00pm