About Us


Amethyst Mine Panorama is owned by Steve Lukinuk & family.  Steve is a serial entrepreneur who has lived in Thunder Bay for most of his working live.  Steve purchased the mine in 1980 and can be seen at the mine almost every day during the season.  He loves to work in the mine, operate the heavy equipment and interact with visitors.  If you see him, say hello!

Lorna, Steve’s wife, manages the Amethyst Gift Centre in Thunder Bay.  Lorna ensures that the mine is well-stocked with our Thunder Bay Amethyst jewellery, gift items and souvenirs.  Lorna works in the Welcome Centre most weekends and can be found at Amethyst Gift Centre during the fall and winter months.

Amethyst Mine Panorama

Located 60km East of Thunder Bay

500 Bass Lake Road

Phone: 807.622.6908



Hours of Operation

10:00am until 5:00pm