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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      I am not a Rockhound, will I enjoy this mining experience?

You do not have to be a Rockhound to enjoy searching for amethyst.  Searching for amethyst is an easy and fun experience for people of all ages, not just Rockhounds.

2.     Is this an appropriate activity for children?

Yes!  Children of all ages love looking for rocks!  This is a hands-on activity that your children will enjoy.

3.     What Should I Bring?

     Tools are not necessary for amethyst searching.  Amethyst is easily found with very little effort.  We provide all you need to have a successful amethyst adventure: pails, digging tool and running water.  

4.     What Should I Wear?

     Digging for amethyst can be messy.  If the dirt in the search area is wet, it can be muddy, plus stones (and amethyst) of all sizes litter the digging area.  We recommend that you wear closed-toe shoes or runners and watch you step.

5.     Are hammers allowed?

Amethyst Mine Panorama does not allow hammers, which are dangerous, both for the user and for by-standers.  If you need a smaller piece of amethyst, look for one, amethyst of all sizes is readily available.  Our amethyst occurs attached to granite.  There is no benefit to attempting to ‘crack’ open a stone; there si nothing inside, except more granite.

6.    Are dogs allowed at Amethyst Mine Panorama?

Yes, well-behaved dogs on leashes are allowed at the mine.

7.    What are the longitude and latitude coordinates for Amethyst Mine Panorama?

Longitude = 48.690252, Latitude = -88.725114.
Enter 500 Bass Lake Rd., Shuniah into your GPS.

8.     Is the mine open on weekends and Holidays?

Amethyst Mine Panorama is open 7 days a week, weekends and holidays included, from June 1 until October 1.

9.    What will we find in the digging area?

Amethyst! Tons of amethyst is available at the mine.  Amethyst is available in many different shapes, sizes and colours in the digging area and on tables around the site.

10.   What does it cost?

The admission price to the mine site is $10.00 per person (Plus 13% Tax), children aged 5 and under are free.
Dig-your-own amethyst is priced at $5.00 per pound.
Individually priced garden and landscaped stone is also available.

11.    What should I wear?

Special clothing is not required, but closed-toed shoes or runners are recommended.
Digging for amethyst is an outdoor activity, so dress for the weather.

12.    Is there RV parking available at the mine site?

Pull-through RV parking is available.
Overnight camping is not permitted on mine property.
There is a large hill on the way into the mine, with grades approaching 10%, trailers can be left below the hill.

13.   Is it a gravel road?

5 Km of road into Amethyst Mine Panorama is gravel.  We preform regular maintenance on the road, but you can expect dust during dry spells and muddy sections when it rains.
The steep hill (Panorama Peak) can become wash-boarded during parts of the year.

14.   Are there campgrounds nearby?

K.O.A. campground is located about 45 minutes East of East Loon Rd.  www.koa.com
Wolf River campground is located about 30 minutes west of East Loon Rd.  www.wolfriverpark.ca
Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is located about 1 hour South west of East Loon Rd. www.ontarioparks.com/english/slee.html

15.   Is there public transportation to the mine?

Public transportation to the mine is not available.

16.   Where can I find visitor information?

Ontario travel information can be found at: www.ontariotravel.net
North of Superior Travel region information: www.northofsuperior.org.
City of Thunder Bay information: www.thunderbay.ca
Lake Superior Circle tour information: www.lakesuperiorcircletour.info
Amethyst Mine Panorama and Amethyst Gift Centre call: 622-6908.

17.   Are Amethyst Mine Panorama & Amethyst Gift Centre owned by the same family?

Amethyst Mine Panorama & Amethyst Gift Centre are owned by Thunder Bay residents.
Amethyst Gift Centre is located in Thunder Bay at 400 E. Victoria Ave.
Amethyst Mine Panorama is located 56 Km East of Thunder Bay at East Loon Rd.

18.   Is this local amethyst?

All amethyst products at both Amethyst Mine Panorama & Amethyst Gift Centre are mined by our family at Amethyst Mine Panorama.  We have been mining, manufacturing and retailing Thunder Bay amethyst since 1981.

 19.  How far off the highway is the mine located?

Amethyst Mine Panorama is 8 KM (5 Miles) off highway 11 – 17.
Turn onto East Loon Rd, keep to the right and follow the signs.

20.  Do groups have to pre-book?

In order to ensure we have sufficient staff for a guided tour, we appreciate advance notice of groups over 10 people.
Please phone 807-622-6908 or email info@amethystmine.com to book your group tour.

21.  Will I find amethyst in the digging area?

Absolutely, many great pieces of amethyst are discovered every day.  The miners add additional material on a continuous basis.
Dig down a few inches, use the water hoses and get down and dirty.

22.  Is the mine tour underground?

Amethyst Mine Panorama is located on the surface, so there is no need to go underground to view our mining operation.  Tours are conducted on level ground just outside the Welcome Centre.  Self-guided tour signs and exhibits around the  mine site are available at any time.

23.  Do you have french language interpretative signs?

Our interpretative signage is not available in french, but we do have a french language handout that explains the history and geology of Thunder Bay Amethyst Mine.

24.  When is the last entry for the day?

 The last entry for the day is accepted 20 minutes prior to closing.  The mine is open to visitors from 10 AM until 5 PM from June 1 until October 1.  Please note that the mine is on Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT).  Visitors from Minnesota or Manitoba should pay special attention to the time change.


Amethyst Mine Panorama

Located 60km East of Thunder Bay

500 Bass Lake Road

Phone: 807.622.6908



Hours of Operation

10:00am until 5:00pm